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Approval level: 90%
Updated : 2009-05-22
Downloads this week: 6.555
Times recommended: 1
Category: Programming
SubCategory: Games Create
Type: Freeware
Size: 1.365kb.
Language: Program in English or Multilanguage   
Are you a huge fan of Super Mario? Do you like jumping and breaking blocks, counting money, stepping on turtles, throwing their shells? Well, now you can do all this and more in scenes of your own creation thanks to Mario Maker.

As you will no doubt have started to guess by now, Mario Maker lets you create and play your own maps in Mario games, including all the typical elements of the saga, and placing them where you like. It allows players to insert blocks, enemies, items, and more from the original Super Mario Bros, etc. There are some new modified power-ups, like a Luigi Mushroom that changes Mario into Super Mario.

This Mario Maker program's authors have developed it using Blitz Plus, and appreciate any suggestion or criticism on their webpage. They also recommend carefully reading the manual before using Mario Maker. This Super Mario program is very easy to download, install and then use, through its friendly and intuitive user interface. You don't need any technical experience at all to get the most out of it.

So there you have it. If you love playing Super Mario and would like to develop your own version and include all the things you like most, then you need a program like this Mario Maker. And best of all is that you can download it for free! What are you waiting for?
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